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Wedding Host...why you need one!

Wedding Host

- why you need one!

Aswell as the Singing and DJ Services I provide for my clients, one of the extra services I offer will help to take some of the pressure off the shoulders of the Bride and Groom and allow them to relax more on their Wedding day knowing I've got their backs!

Rather than providing the music for your wedding, my role as a host means I will be at your wedding for the entire day, mostly in a behind the scenes role unless I'm performing.

Acting as the perfect combination of wedding co-ordinator, MC, Entertainer and spokesperson for the bridal couple, I will be there to take the stress away and ensure everything goes to plan and that your guests always know what's happening throughout the day.

This could start at the ceremony itself, perhaps providing music and PA services.

I could be there to meet and greet your guests as they arrive to help break the ice and make sure everyone knows the itinerary.

I take on the responsibility of your events success as if it was my own Wedding! Meeting you before hand in person and corresponding frequently via email etc to get to know your personalities and what's important to you, how your wedding day is supposed to run, all the things you'd like to happen and ensure small surprises you have planned happen on your big day just when you want them!

In order to make sure your plans and ideas come to fruition, I will liaise with the venue and event staff so I know just when they are ready to serve or collect each course for example.

I will help the photographer by making sure everyone is aware as to when and where they are needed helping to save time. I will be in constant contact with the photographer/videographer so they are ready to capture reactions of the happy couple and guests throughout the day at various key moments!

Being there throughout the day often makes for a better party and atmosphere in the evening as I will have had the chance to spend time getting to know your guests, building a rapport that I can take through to the Evening celebrations and use to make people feel more involved, and interact with them to keep the dance floor full all night!

If you are interested in hiring me as your Wedding Host then please do not hesitate to get in touch ASAP as dates for next year are going fast!



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